Children's Vaccination Campaign 
for Unicef in Guinea Ecquatorial
Equatorial Guinea Children's Immunization Campaign made for Unicef ​​in partnership with the Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Health. In this project, characters were created to interact with the Campaign's mascot (the baby Ada) and the visual of the movie was developed using elements of african culture, such as drums, patterns and tapestry. The movie was used to promote the jingle of the campaign,

Directed by Claudio Martins | Writing Credits: Claudio Martins | CG ProducerMike Nicacio | Production Designer: Carlitos Pinheiro | Sound Department: Nelida Karr | 3D Animator: João Soares Bulcão | Editor/compositor: Gabriel Gemenez |  2D Animator/Animatic: Rosinaldo Lajes | Supervising Animator: Claudio Martins Storyboard artist: Rod Mendez | 3D Artist: Mike Nicacio | Character Designer: Carlitos Pinheiro

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